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This is a fun, easy-to-use Astrology book for children incorporating kabbalistic tools that kids can use to strengthen their innate gifts and overcome challenges. They will learn how to recognize who they are now, their sign’s attributes and tests, and who tehy can become by using the Astrologik Tool Kit, which includes the Letters of the Month, 72 Names of God, Angel, Body Part and Affirmation.

After kids gain insight into their own sign, they will enjoy reading about the signs of their family members and friends, so they can better relate to them to!


In this book you and your child are invited to connect with 62 key words of kabbalistic wisdom.

Using language distilled to its very essence and beautifully evocative illustrations, these pages pave the way for children to not just understand the meaning of each word, but engage with it on the level of feeling, Vokabbalahry brings each of its essential concepts to life in a way that encourages readers to consider how sweet our lives will be when we make the wisdom in this book our own.

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